Our module Special Interest Group (SIG) is getting ready to build some new modules.

If you are curious what we do during a typical work session, please review the Meeting Minutes from a recent meeting or a sub-group module construction meeting.

Of course the main reason for the SIG is to show the layout at train shows and at the major ETE meetings (EUROWest shows). The SIG layout is perfect to run extra long trains and it can handle six trains running automatically spaced thru current sensing electronics and relay signal boards on the layout at the same time.

The Layout is currently controlled with a Marklin Central Station with multiple boosters. This fully digital system can run AC and DC trains (at separate times).

Many Videos and Pictures can be found on the Pictures and Videos page.

If you would like to be a part of this effort – either building your own or helping others in their module – please contact Cindy Gaw – SIG President- as soon as possible.

ETE Southern California SIG Layout - work in progress