Month: January 2019

Message from the new president

Some of you might have heard, the ETE SoCal Chapter has elected a new President. The vote was held at the first meeting this year at the residence of Don and Cindy Gaw. Nobody chose to run for president and I volunteered (insert laughter here).
So let me introduce my self. I am Rick Sinclair. I just moved here to SoCal in December, so I figure being president should be easier than moving at Christmas (insert snicker here).
I have been a member of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the ETE for the last 8 years or so. I was going to run for president of that chapter this year since I have been Vice President for the past 2 years (insert remark here). Our move to SoCal changed my plans for running as president of the Bay Area Chapter.
I have been one of the two Märklin Digital Consultants since 2015 and both of us send out the Märklin Digital Newsletter bi-monthly (shameless plug – Join the Märklin Digital Club today, ask me how – it’s FREE).
I have met some of you at the yearly “Eurowest” event in the Bay Area and I have promptly forgotten your names. Please introduce yourselves at the next meeting that you attend so I can promptly forget your names again.
Seriously, I would like to ask all of the members if they would be willing to host a meeting in March. Joerg Rottenbacher has volunteered for both the February and March meetings at his residence. I think this is very generous of him but at the same time I think that this is a little unfair to lean on Joerg with 2 meetings in a row. If anyone is willing to host a meeting on March 23rd please let me know.
Obviously I am new to the chapter and I don’t want this to be a dictatorship, so I would like to ask if someone would be willing to be Vice President. As far as I know, duties would be light. They would mostly be to attend official club meetings of the officers as another voice to discuss the running of the chapter (if available to attend said meetings) and to run the meetings that I would not be able to attend (again, if available to attend said meetings).
I would like to bring some of the ideas into our chapter that I wanted to do up in the Bay Area. This would be a discussion for the officers then it would be brought up to the members in a meeting for a vote. 
Rick Sinclair