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SIG Meeting updates from Feb 1st

photo 2The SIG met at Bethlehem Lutheran church to perform repairs to the SIG layout, especially on the Signal electronics, to discuss the new head amusement park ride module under Cindy’s care and also the group around Juha started working on the new train station module by taking the old apart.

The train station module is planned to have a compact shunting yard with a Marklin turntable (if we find an affordable unit) and round house (either Marklin or Faller) in addition to the buildings for passenger operations. Instead of the currently three modules, in the future, it will have two long modules.

It was also discussed that modules should have a uniform green coat.

SIG members were encouraged to adopt a module for refurbishment.

photo 1

AND of course, we had some good looking trains running while discussing next action items.

The next SIG workshop meeting is on March 8th, however, there will be workshop sessions for the amusement park and the train station in between.

Pictures from Saturday’s meeting on Facebook: SIG LAYOUT WORKSESSION FEB 1st, 2014photo 4

Meeting Update from the last meeting by Don

Hello Everyone,

We had a great meeting here Saturday.  We started with the SIG at 9:30.  Plans and schedules were discussed for construction and upgrades to the modules.  We will meet again on February 1 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Encinitas to start work and to distribute modules for renovation.

The chapter meeting followed after a pizza lunch.  The schedule for the year was developed and is listed below.  Phil Smith stepped up and volunteered to serve as the chapter secretary to record activities and prepare items for publication in the Express.  In addition, Max Moegling will be the new webmaster.

Dues for the chapter and SIG were collected from those attending.  If you weren’t here and haven’t already done so, please submit your dues to me via mail.  I would like to have all dues submitted and forwarded to National by the end of January.  National dues are $20.00 if you want to receive the Express by mail, $10.00 if you choose to receive it electronically.  Local chapter dues are $10.00.  Please make out your checks for National dues to ETE.  Checks for local chapter dues should be made out to me.  SIG dues remain at $120.00 per family and checks should be out to Cindy.  Thanks in advance for your timely submission of all dues.